The Rise of the Nine

The Rise of the Nine Campaign

Basic Game Info

Gear Points
Gear Point Totals


Wolfgar played by Jack (jax13666)
Jax played by The Rob (Robot_Bard)
Grimnir played by Jake (Jacobamabub)
Jelered played by Bill (Azugath)
Rook played by Jake (Jacobamabub)
Diego played by Jack (jax1366)
Lucia played by Kyrielle (Ninja_Kyri)
Thrade played by The Rob (Robot_Bard)
Thomas NPC in crew
Go’Hron NPC in crew
Kerig NPC in crew
Galiban NPC in crew
Beecher NPC in crew
Igor NPC in crew

Important NPCs

The Silvered
Baldur the Chosen
Jonas Dryden
Anderson Rice
Sventonious Tucca
Rowan the Fairhanded
Drow Priestess
Glortag Runespear
Gabinious Latro
Sven’s Partners
Sven’s Competitors
Black Dragon
Fellowship of the Skull
Augus’s Family
Sky Watch
Burakku Oni
Fraternity of the Golden Question
Lando Theodopoulus

Adventure Logs
Items of Significance

Skyward Eye

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The Rise of the Nine

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