The Magic Wars

The Magic Wars Campaign

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Asterion played by Jake (Jacobamabub)
Ginnessy played by Jennifer (Bunnies_Revenge)
Jean Claude played by Nathan (thefifthfiend)
Jean Luc played by The Rob (Robot_Bard)
Koshka Mancu Ciruta played by Kyrielle (Ninja_Kyri)
Tassar played by The Rob (Robot_Bard)
Titus Tiberius Tobiscus, aka Biscuit played by Jake (Jacobamabub)
Tobias played by Shawn (Ravage)
Virgo The Magnificent, Mindless Megagnome, Slayer of Snakes, Grappler of Griks, Moral Compass to Statue Slayers, Seer of Sunken Stairs, Repairer of Roofs, The Knower of Things played by Jack (jax13666)

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The Magic Wars

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