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Here we shall thank the players that make the world! We give a big round of applause and many thank you’s to the efforts and patience of our wonderful group of players. Without everyone here this world and these campaigns would not exist. Below is a list of the wonderful players, along with a list of their characters in the various campaigns and some of their best qualities as players. If you find anyone isn’t on it and should be, let us know and the error shall be corrected.

Anthony (antarmen)

Appears As:


Appears As:
Karthus Redtalon


New to the world of Table-top RPGs Blake has already begun to show promising skills and interest in the the hobby at a young age. Able to roll multiple critical hits in one encounter Blake has shown that he is a great asset to any adventuring party and gaming group in general. His enthusiasm for learning how to play brings a lighthearted feel to any game that is bogged down with concerns of the game at hand and is a welcome relief. Blake currently has aspirations of hitting and killing more monsters at and away from the gaming table, the hopes are that great things will come from this little gamer.

Appears As:
Alexi Dragonov

Brandt (BrandtCooley)

A brilliant musical mind and successful execution of the “beard with no hair” describes this new gamer perfectly. Brandt is not only fun to hang out with he has revealed himself to also be a pretty good table-top gamer. Along with his hetero life mate Jules so far his style of role playing and dice throwing (always low numbers) add a “small time hero with a heart of gold…plated coal” aspect to his persona behind the dice. Brandt currently has high aspirations to become an 8-bit cyborg and rule the virtual world of you-tube videos and steam-punk forums with a pixelated fist of computer generated fury! Also to play as many gigs as a bald man with a beard is able to pull off without any sleep.

Appears As:

David (shrek83440)

Full of mirth, mystery, and Mormonism, David brings a story driven feel of epic urgency to the table. And is the only character in history to steal from a ninja without rolling a single skill check. David has also proved that he can be a valuable builder or story and world fleshy-ness. David seems to be currently stuck in the void of nowhere and has not been heard of for quite some time. If you or someone you know has any information about Davids whereabouts please contact the concerned gamers society at 615.218.5241 immediately, you can save the life of a gamer, please do your part.

Appears As:

Jack (jax13666)

A die-hard gamer from a bygone era, Jack is usually more interested in discovering what he CAN do rather than what the rules of any game will ALLOW him to do. This philosophy always leads him into the dreaded leadership position of any group he is involved in (although he would rather just play a traveling alchemist/tinker-gnome/rouge millionaire playboy. Because we all know that those types of characters NEVER become leaders). Jack is quite adept at adapting to many situations and usually comes out on top and is more than a valuable member at any gaming table. Jack is one of the four founding members of Aeternus and is currently studying to become a hermit at “I live as far as I can from everybody that’s fun University” and hopes someday to have a beard down past his knees and use his degree to yell at small children that “need to get off his lawn” and “don’t know how good they have it” as well as judge people for their reliance on what he calls “Modern technoloshit”

Appears As:
Claudius Santori
Horace Aurilius
Virgo The Magnificent

Jake (Jacobamabub)

Coming from a background of table-top strategy games Jake has an unusual approach to table-top RPGs. His “Break the mold but sill fit comfortably within the rubble of it” character concepts are always a joy to have at the table, and his ability to make each of those characters his very own is a welcome change from many cookie-cutter type characters. Needless to say you can almost never predict what he is going to do with any character he plays but you can bet that it isn’t want you think. Jake is one of the four founding members of Aeternus and is slowly molding the small unfortunate children he knows into smaller smellier versions of himself.

Appears As:
Darius Yeltsin
Ogdin Heldenhammer
Titus Tiberius Tobiscus, aka ‘Biscuit’

Jennifer (Bunnies_Revenge)

Appears As:


Appears As:
Vistra Longhandle

Jules (JulesCharlemagne)

Appears As:
Josephine Lux

Kyrielle (Ninja_Kyri)

Its been said that Kyrielle must have been a thief in a past life and her current personification as the mild mannered Kyri has everyone fooled into thinking otherwise (but we all really know the truth). The epitome of organization and note taking Kyrielle currently is an invaluable scribe and gaming companion, her often cheerful but larcenous characters are a breath of fresh air compared to some of the stale and plain characters that most modern role-players create. Kyrielle is one of the four founding members of Aeternus and is currently hoping that her akashic memory will take over and she can become a full time cat burglar and assassin, If not, she will settle for a technical support agent for Verizon…for now

Appears As:
Diego Petrunosi
Koshka Mancu Ciruta
Niven Wraithorn

Nathan (thefifthfiend)

Having been resurrected into the world of table-top role-playing. Although he is not one of the founding members of Aeternus Nathan has shown himself to be a valuable part of the world and its creation. He has a reputation of breaking preconceived concepts of certain character types; like being the worst ninja ever (until he discovered that he was figuring his character’s stats wrong); Nathan brings a certain element of “Evil” to the table as well as a sense of cohesion that any good group of dice throwers needs. One day Nathan hopes to rule the world with an iron fist and succeed where C.O.B.R.A so often failed.

Appears As:
Hanzo Hitori
Jean Claude

Rob (Robot_Bard)

Appears As:
Drago Karaknakov
Jean Luc

Shawn (Ravage)

Fast talking and laid back this soldier is. Shawn, New to the table-top group scene has already shown that he can be dedicated and interested in learning the ways of the dice and become a gamer like his father before him. Shawn’s willingness to role play and immerse himself into the story being told is a DM’s wet dream and is appreciated throughout. Shawn currently plans to read EVERY SINGLE WORD IN THE WORLD and will not rest until he has done so. We all want to say good luck, and we’re all counting on you buddy.

Appears As:


Having only played “The edition that will not be named” Wendi has shown a surprising resilience to its call and has answered the sweet whisperings of the Pathfinder Role Playing Game and 2nd Edition DnD. Her cheerful demeanor while gleefully stacking dice is something rare to find in a gamer with breasts. She has not failed to bring smiles to those that she games with. Wendi is a Nerdchick of many hats, and is appreciated throughout our little gaming community and someday she hopes to find out just how deep her “Nerdgina” goes.

Appears As:

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