Gear Points

Gear Points are an out-of-game, player reward for going beyond the basics of gaming. These points are acquired through a variety of means, and are used to give the dedicated player an advantage in moments of stress in-game. Below are tables to illustrate some of the more common ways of earning and spending these points, and the cost/reward of each example. There may of course be occasions when the DM chooses to award these for something heretofore unmentioned.

Earned By Points Received
Character Portrait (Hand-drawn or Found on the internet) 1
Detailed Character Description 1
Character Background Story 2
Character Campaign Journal (available each session) 1-2
Roll Playing beyond expectation 2-3
Background NPC Creation 3
In-Game Epicness without Gear Points 4
World Creation Assistance (i.e. item creation, city names, organization, etc.) 1-5
These are meant to be in-depth and fully thought out, you don't earn points for short-cuts.
Spending Gear Points Points Spent
Roll twice and take the better result on a single D20 roll 1
Add/Subtract 1D6 (per point used) to a single D20 roll 1 per use
Add/Subtract 1D6 (per point used) to a single damage roll 1 per use
Gain experience (within 1,000) to level up 1 per 100xp
Re-use a spell or a per-day class ability 2
Take an extra action 2
Causing a Failure on a single D20 roll 4
Causing a Success on a single D20 roll 4
Cinematic Maneuver without a D20 roll Decided at use
Over-ride a DM’s decision (regarding a non-world-changing decision) 20

These points are given to enrich game-play and make the game more fun and enjoyable for everyone around, as well as to take some of the pressure off of the DM in certain areas (such as story logs). They are not meant to be used just to interrupt the game and make life harder for the DM; if used in this manner, they can and will be revoked! For example: Don’t create a bunch of non-relevant NPCs in your back story just to get points and over-rule the DM all the time. Do create NPCs relevant to your story, describe how they are relevant, and get DM approval on said NPCs, and then use your points as you wish. Remember, this is a game, and the most important part is to HAVE FUN!

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Gear Points

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