The Long Winter Part 2: The Watcher and The Way

After exploring the cave and discovering the aged and skeletal remains of the original 11 house founders they decided to gather the evidence of their discovery and move on to the location of the ‘Sifulthdithwitch’. Feeling very cautious they stopped a few hundred feet from a very large temple like structure built into the side of a mountaintop with a giant statue standing guard in front of the temple entrance.

Horace decides to take a chance and approach the temple on his own, and discovers the face that the statue is in fact a guardian, holding both the emblem and the dagger aloft. He greets the giant, who said “I am the watcher and the way, do you have the key to end my long vigil?” and Horace responded “I am the seeker and the traveler, I have come to release you from your burden.” The guardian says “Hold the weapon in front of you.” Horace holds forth the dagger, saying “It’s not really a weapon, more like a symbol,…” as the giant raises his huge sword and bears down upon him. The rest of the Basterds rush to defend him, charging forward on the hobbes, but to their surprise the dagger causes a thin layer of ice to form around the giant’s weapon and armor, and it all breaks and falls off of him. As they reach the point where Horace is, they realize that the giant is completely bare of any sort of weapon or armor now, and is in fact clad only in a loincloth, though he appears not to notice the cold. He says “You have freed me of my burden. But beware, for what lies beyond these walls is a source of great evil”, and with that, he turns and heads off into the mountains.

The Basterds, amazed at the turn of events, cautiously headed forward to the double doored entrance. There was an indention in the doors that seemed to be the only lock. Horace put the medallion into the indention, and the doors unlocked and swung open. The inside of the temple appeared to be a large round room. Writing covered the walls, telling in many languages about a prophecy of the winter god returning to reward the true followers and punish the nonbelievers. In the center of the room was a silver brazier, a fire blazing above it, and a white cup floating in the middle of the fire. The edges of the room were cloaked in shadow, but it appeared that we had found what we were looking for, with no further searching necessary. As the Basterds were contemplating how to get the cup out of the fire, Hanzo took matters into his own hands. He ran forward, leapt over the fire with a magnificent aerial back flip, and snagged the cup in mid-air. No sooner had he landed, than they were accosted by the guardian of the Sifulthdithwitch, who appeared to be a 6 foot tall metal woman with giant spikes for hair. After a brief but furious battle, they mangaed to defeat the guardian, which exploded in a bunch of metal parts and goo.

Horace pulled out the map and the dagger while close to the fire, and noticed that the whole map was revealed instead of only the portion the dagger was near. He put the map into the fire, and it became permanent, then he put the dagger into the fire, which turned the fire blue. He put the cup back into the fire, which filled it seemingly with liquid, and when he pulled it back out of the fire, the liquid was frozen. Horace decided it was risky keeping all the items on one person, especially since he was the one dealing with the priestess, and so the Basterds split the items up among themselves: Ogdin had the box, with the Sifulthdithwitch inside, Hanzo was given the now permanent map, and the Winter god’s emblem was given to Diego.

With all of this sorted out, and a plan forming ahead of them, they headed back to the city to finish their current quest. Horace met with the priestess again, and proposed a marriage between the two of them as part of the payment, with the rest being discussed at a later point.


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