The Long Winter Part 1: The Sifulthdithwitch

The Journey Begins.

Currently without any jobs, the ‘Inglorious Basterds’ decide to attend the nightly festivities at the ‘Iron Contract’ a mercenary haven known to those who sell their swords for a price. While in the search for a possible contract, the Dwarven Runesmith overheard a well known voice in the crowd, an Orc known as Karthus Redtalon, talking and laughing at a relatively new group of mercs known as ‘The New Kids’. He was bawking loudly at them because they claimed they had found the map to the ‘Sifulthdithwitch’, an ancient artifact usually used to send new mercenary groups on wild chases throughout the 8 kingdoms of Aldessen. So the dwarf, Ogdin by name, left his companions at the bar and went to join the orc and challenge him to a contest of fortitude by drinking the ever dangerous ‘Firewater’, one of the strongest drinks in all the 8.

While the crowd gathered around the two well known imbibers of strong drink, the Elf, Horace Aurilius (the front man and “Leader” of the ‘Basterds’) spotted a rather nice item showing noticeably in the pack of the lead member of the ‘New Kids’: a medium size ivory box with the insignia of the Winter god engraved in a medallion. So, he stole it. Meanwhile the Magus Petrunosi and the Ninja Hanzo watched his back from various places in the establishment.

After Ogdin won the drinking competition and gained the promised ‘Favor Tokens’ from Karthus, the two friends continued to drink and talk of old times. Meanwhile a beautiful woman, that obviously didn’t belong there, entered the establishment and met with the leader of the ‘New Kids’ at a separate and relatively private table to discuss business, while Horace and others listened in. Things took a new turn when he discovered that his reason for the woman to be in there in the first place was missing from his “well protected” pack. This is where Horace stepped in and essentially took the contract from the ‘New Kids’ and moved it to the capable hands of the ‘Inglorious Basterds’ and made a deal with the woman, who was known as Ellana Corban of the House Corban.

After a lengthy and exhausting night of drinking and whoring, the ‘Basterds’ returned to their home base to discuss the plan for their new job. Horace opened the item stolen and examined it thoroughly, finding a blank map made of leather, and in a secret compartment, a dagger that seemed to be made purely of ice. After some tinkering, he discovered that the dagger illuminated the map and showed him the way to the location of the ‘Sifulthdithwitch’.

While the rest of the ‘Basterds’ slept off the drunken frivolities (with the exception of Hanzo), Horace set out to finish the deal with Ellana, and left the hotel she was staying at with a rather large and lucrative deal (After a great deal of fast talking and seduction on his part, I want it to be noted by the players that this man seduced a devout priestess with a vow of celibacy into her bed with him thus ending her time of “purity”). The next day after gearing up and receiving some rather impressive mounts, they headed out in search of the lost divine artifact known as the ‘Sifulthdithwitch’.

After a week of travel in the mountainous northern region of Elleiryk, they were ambushed by a group of Satyxis, and coming out alive, they decided to examine a cave opening in which they assumed the attackers originated.


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